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Chili Cook Off

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Saint Joseph’s Chili Cook Off Official Rules and Regulations

The main objective of this event is to allow our parish family to enjoy the day.

The following rules and regulations will apply:

1. Chili is defined as any kind of meat or combination of meats cooked with chili, onions, peppers or other vegetables and various other spices and ingredients. Beans are allowed.

2. No ingredient may be pre-cooked in any way prior to official commencement of the cook-off. Vegetables may be pre cut but not pre-cooked. Meats may not be cooked or seasoned in any way prior to the official start of the competition. Chili Police will inspect each booth before they can begin. Spices and spice blends are permitted as well as canned tomatoes and bottled sauces. Pepper sauce, beverages, broth, the grinding or mixing of spices may be prepared prior to the start time.

3. Contestants will be preparing samples 8-12 oz. of chili for judging.

4. The cooking period will be a maximum of five (5) hours.

5. Set-up and check-in begins at 5am. Contestant Meeting  at  8:15am. Set-up/booth decorating during the hours of 5:30 to 8:30. No more than five (5) people allowed in contestant assigned area when cooking commences and must have wristband.


7. Contestants are responsible for supplying their own utensils,  Bottled gas may be used and provided by the contestant. No electrical outlets will be available for use by contestants. All other equipment is to be supplied by the contestant team.

8. Each contestant must cook a minimum of (5) gallons of chili. Cups, napkins  and spoons will be provided by committee for  the guests..  Teams are encouraged to make more than one pot and may select which of their chili pots will be submitted for competition. Only ONE (1) competition chili will be accepted from each competing team.

9. Each team will be given one (1) official judging cups marked with their a random ticket one stays on the judging cup and the team captain keeps his number, the winner will be announced by this number only. Each contestant is responsible to have judging cups ready by noon, committee will pick up sample cups.  The cup must be filled.

10. Competition chili will be judged based on  color, aroma, texture, use of spices, overall consistency and taste. Judges encourages the use of unique ingredients to make your recipe stand out.

11. Sample chili for the public must be ready to serve by noon. The public will use tickets to vote for their favorite chili.

13. Each team must have a paid entry fee of $20 dollars. Booth areas are 18’ x 18’ with a maximum tent size of 12’ x 12’.  Teams are allowed as many assistants as they wish to decorate area until 12:pm. Contestants will provide the tent, cooking equipment, fuel, all cooking vessels, utensils and one fire extinguisher required per team and anything else you need. (Saint Joseph’s Chili Cook-off will ONLY be providing sample spoons and sample cups) 

14. Above all this event is being held to provide the community to have some inexpensive fun. This imperative applies to the public, to the contestants and to the organizers.  AGENDA:  Registration online only, Setup 5:30am to 8:am, Contestants Meeting  8:15, Burner Lit 6:15m Samples ready for public by noon, committee picking up samples starting at noon,  Judging announcements around 2 pm, all contestants must be cleaned up and off site by 4pm.