400 South Adams Ave. Rayne, La 70578

Fall Retreat 2022

Does God care? Does He hear me when I speak to Him? If He hears me, does He speak back, and how can I know what He is saying? Communication is essential to every relationship, so it is not uncommon for these questions to arise when we talk about having a relationship with God.

During this retreat, we will explore the Word of God and discover the love of God through His self-revelation. God has spoken, and He continues to speak. God spoke each of us into existence and desires a personal relationship with us. We can learn to hear His voice by becoming familiar with the way He has communicated throughout salvation history and ultimately through Jesus Christ. Spoken leads teens through the Scriptures and offers unique encounters with God through prayer and the sacraments so that they live rooted in His Word.

The goal of Spoken is to invite teens into a relationship with God through an encounter with His self-revelation in the Scriptures, culminating in the Incarnation. It will challenge teens to listen to the voice of God through a life of authentic prayer and active discernment.

Fall Retreat Registration will close on October 23, 2022.