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A popular phrase tells us, “Good things come to those who wait.” That was surely the case for Mary Magdalene. She became the first one to see the resurrected Jesus. The Easter Gospel recounts the discovery that Jesus is risen. Peter and John see that Jesus’ bindings are on the ground and the burial cloth is folded and has been laid on the bench. After considering all this evidence, they go home.

But Mary stays alone at the tomb. She encounters the two angels who speak to her. Then Mary sees the man standing there. At first she does not know who he is. But when he speaks her name, she instantly recognizes him.

This one facet of the Gospel is filled with teaching. It reminds us that we must love Jesus and be willing to wait patiently for him. We must be willing to discover him appearing to us through others. We must be open to find him in ways that we have not imagined in our own limited expectations. We must long to hear him speak our name.

                                     Deacon Dick Folger