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Cardinal Yeum Soo-jung: the Korean Church is a good example

Cardinal Yeum Soo-jung: the Korean Church is a good example

(Vatican Radio) At the end of the Mass for the Beatification of the Korean martyrs at Gwanghwamun Gate in Seoul, Korean Cardinal Andrea Yeum Soo-jung thanked Pope Francis and asked for prayers for Korea.

Please find the translated text of his address below: 


Holy Father,

I welcome you with joy together with the laity, religious and clergy of the whole church in Korea. I am honored to be in his presence to keep this speech of greeting.

The Catholic Church in Korea has already 103 saints and martyrs in addition to these, through the beatification of today, it also has 124 blessed.

This area around Gwanghwamun is the historic site where many were martyred ancestors of our faith. In it were located also also the main departments of the Chosun Dynasty.

The Catholic Church in Korea has grown on the blood of the martyrs and has proven to be a good example for Korean society by promoting justice and human rights. So I think that the beatification of today will be an occasion reminder to make the harmony and unity of Catholics not only Koreans but also the Korean people and all other peoples of Asia, through the exchange of universal brotherhood.

The Korean Church will always try to be the light and salt for the evangelization of the world, and also to be a church that serves the poor, the oppressed and marginalized by making them feel the joy of the Gospel.

Holy Father,

Thank you again and I ask you to pray and bless the Church in Korea. 

(From archive of Vatican Radio)