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Pope meets with adult scout movement

Pope meets with adult scout movement

(Vatican Radio) In his message, he encouraged them to continue on the “path”  of scouting, a term that describes the formative dimension of the movement.  He outlined three paths: family, creation, and the city.

Listen to the report by Andrew Summerson: 

 “All vocations take their first steps in the family…a movement such as yours, based on continuing education…for you, Christian parents, the educational mission finds its source in the sacrament of marriage, in which the raising of children constitutes a true ministry in the Church”, he said.

Pope Francis also encouraged the group to continue the on path in the care of creation, saying that “ecological question is vital for the survival of man. It has a moral dimension that affects everyone, so no one can be disinterested in the question”.

Pope Francis asked them to continue on paths in the city. “Living in the city you are asked to be the leaven in the dough, offering a sincere contribution to realize the common good”.

Finally, Pope Francis exhorted them to continue their journey, emphasizing that “ your formation as scouts is good training!” Echoing St. Paul, he said Christians train, not like athletes for an ephemeral prize, but to be “a good missionary disciple of the Lord Jesus”.

(from Vatican Radio)