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Pope Francis: Christians have a duty to proclaim the Gospel

Pope Francis: Christians have a duty to proclaim the Gospel

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Thursday met with members of the Pauline Family, on the occasion of their 100th anniversary, telling them that Christians have a duty to proclaim the Gospel without exception.

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One hundred years ago and against the background of the 1st World War, Blessed James Alberione an Italian priest founded a number of Institutes between 1914 and 1959 which were known as the Pauline Family.

All are linked to one another by the same spirituality and by a profound bond of communion and use the media to proclaim the truth of the Gospel.

The Pauline Family is made up of five religious Congregations, a Lay Association and four Secular Institutes, including the Society of Saint Paul.

On the occasion of their centennial anniversary, Pope Francis received the Family on Thursday telling them that this milestone year offered them the opportunity to renew their commitment to live the faith and to communicate, particularly through publishing and multimedia tools typical of their charism.

In prepared remarks, the Pope stressed the importance of evangelization, telling those present that they must never forget that evangelization is essentially connected with the proclamation of the Gospel to those who do not know Jesus Christ or have always refused to know him.

He added that Christians have a duty to proclaim the Good News without exception.

As Catholics, the Pope said, we have this push to evangelize, and you as the Pauline Family, he continued,  already have it in your blood, in your DNA by the fact that “your founder was inspired by the figure and the mission of the Apostle Paul.”

The Holy Father noted how Blessed James Alberione saw the proclamation of Christ and the Gospel to the masses as a most authentic love and necessary for men and women thirsty for truth and justice.

During his speech the Pope also called for renewal of  love for the unity of the Church, even in the world of communication.

He said “All your work, apostolic zeal, must be full of this love for unity. Never encourage conflicts, never mimic those communication outlets that only seek the spectacle of the conflict and provoke  scandal in souls. Always favour the unity of the Church, the Holy Father continued, the unity that Jesus asked from the Father as a gift for his bride. “

The Pope concluded by saying that many are still waiting to know Jesus Christ and this urgent mission to evangelize requires continual personal and community conversion.






(from Vatican Radio)