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More Than Disciples

More Than Disciples


Each of today’s four scriptural roles—disciple, prophet, apostle, herald—forms a facet of our life in Christ as we live it day by day. Isaiah tells us that a prophet is anointed, as we were anointed at our baptism in water and the Spirit, to bring glad tidings and to promote God’s reign of healing, justice, and peace. An apostle, like Paul, is one who is “sent.” Each of us, in his or her own way, is sent by Christ to be a voice of rejoicing, to encourage prophetic voices in the world, and to make sure that the work of the Spirit thrives. John the Baptist shows us the job of the herald, making the Lord’s way straight, announcing the coming of the Light of the world.

Today we also hear from Mary, model disciple. Her song, the Magnificat, shows us the world we must believe in and work for: one in which God is praised, where God’s favor is bestowed on the humble, where the hungry are filled and the rich are sent away empty, a world that continues to know and rejoice in the mercy of God that lasts for all ages.

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