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Requiem Mass for Cardinal Tucci former head of Vatican Radio

Requiem Mass for Cardinal Tucci former head of Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) The Requiem Mass took place on Friday in St Peter’s Basilica for Cardinal Roberto Tucci, the former Director General of Vatican Radio who died this week at the age of 93. At the end of the Mass Pope Francis presided over the rites of Final Commendation and Valediction.

Born in Naples, Cardinal Tucci joined the Society of Jesus at an early age and was perhaps best known as the organizer of Pope Saint John Paul II’s overseas visits.

The funeral Mass for him was presided over by Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Dean of the College of Cardinals. In his homily, Cardinal Sodano took as his inspiration the verse in the Book of Revelation where the Apostle John heard a voice from heaven saying to him “Blessed are those who die in the Lord.” He said these words are the consequence of having lived a life in the Lord who became for us the way, the truth and the life.  And these same words, Cardinal Sodano continued, are what lit up the path of our late confrere during his time on earth and whose beautiful soul we are now entrusting into the hands of our Father in Heaven.

Quoting from Pope Francis’ message of condolence, Cardinal Sodano said the late Cardinal Tucci “leaves the memory of a busy and dynamic life, always spent in consistent and generous adherence to his religious and priestly vocation and constantly attentive to the needs of others and faithful to the gospel.” This is the legacy which he has left for us.  

(from Vatican Radio)