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Pope calls on Christians to give witness

Pope calls on Christians to give witness

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis has called upon everyone to give witness to the risen Christ during the Regina Coeli prayer on  Sunday in St. Peter’s Square. 

Reflecting on the readings of the day, Pope Francis said that the Church has the task of continuing during our time the mission of being witnesses with words and actions, that Jesus is risen and present among us. 

He continued by saying that the contents of our witness is not a theory, an ideology, but a message of salvation, a concrete event, a person: the risen Christ. 

Pope Francis added that Christ can be witnessed by those who have had a personal experience of him in prayer and in the Church through the sacraments and continual return to confession.
He said that a witness is more believable when it “shines” through by living the Gospel joyously, courageously, mildly, peacefully and with mercy. 

The Holy Father concluded by pointing out that if one relies on commodity, vanity and egoism, “how can anyone communicate the risen Christ, His liberating power and infinite tenderness?”

(from Vatican Radio)

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