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Pope is a modern-day St George fighting the forces of evil

Pope is a modern-day St George fighting the forces of evil

(Vatican Radio) Monsignor Guillermo Karcher is an Argentinian priest and pontifical usher and has known the Pope for over 20 years. It was he who held Pope Francis’ microphone when he addressed his first words to the world from the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica following his election.

In an interview with Vatican Radio marking the Pope’s name-day of Jorge or George, Monsignor Karcher described the Pope as a modern- day St. George because “he is a great fighter against the forces of evil and does this with a truly Christian spirit.” Monsignor Karcher said Pope Francis showed the same strength and same characteristics when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires where he sowed good in order to fight evil and was much loved by his flock.

Despite the Pope’s huge popularity, Monsignor Karcher was asked if Francis gets upset when criticisms are levelled against him, including from those within the Catholic Church. He replied saying that the Pope responds to such criticisms by laughing and saying “OK, it’s better that we know what people are like.” He says this reaction is due to Pope Francis’ freedom of spirit and his interior strength. The Pope, he continued, is carrying forward a ministry entrusted to him for the good of the Church and the world and he does it with a tranquil heart and a feeling of certainty. He also has a strong spirituality and every morning dedicates two hours to prayer and reflection.  

Asked what greeting or wish he would like to give the Pope on his name-day, Monsignor Karcher said he hopes the Holy Father will continue to be himself, with his consistency and his transparency because “he is doing so much good.” I hope, he concluded, that St. George protects him and that he continues “this battle for good, by sowing the good that he is already doing.”  

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(from Vatican Radio)