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Holy See at Expo 2015: “Not by bread alone”

Holy See at Expo 2015: “Not by bread alone”

(Vatican Radio) Thursday 11 June was the Holy See’s “National Day” at Expo Milan 2015, the theme of which is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

Vatican authorities and Milan’s Archbishop, Cardinal Angelo Scola, were present at Expo for a series of events celebrating the Holy See’s presence at the International Exposition, a presence that highlights the value of the Catholic Church’s contribution in “feeding the planet” and providing “energy for life” in every sense of the word.

But the Holy See is present at Expo every day of the six-month long Exposition with its very own yellow and white Pavilion.
The leitmotiv of the Pavilion has been chosen from the Gospel and is written, in 12 different languages on the external walls of the building. It reads: “Not by bread alone” and “Give us our bread today”.

Vatican Radio’s Linda Bordoni visited Expo 2015 in Milan and spent some time at the Holy See Pavilion where a guide pointed out the strong symbolic relevance of food and how the creators’ of the Pavilion have focused on its deeply social and collective significance as well.

Take a brief tour of the Pavilion with Linda Bordoni: 

(from Vatican Radio)