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General Audience: love of family combats city desertification

General Audience: love of family combats city desertification

(Vatican Radio) An estimated 15 thousand people were in St Peter’s Square for the Pope’s General audience on Wednesday, as he continued his catechesis on the family, which this week focused on the importance of families in spreading the faith. The Holy Father underlined that by creating the foundations of a solid faith in the home, the fruits are revealed in a more humane society.

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The Pope said that the alliance of the family with God is called today to combat, what he called, the communal desertification of the modern city. He continued by saying that no political and economic policy can replace the contribution that families make to society, adding that we need to open up the love and warmth of the family to the city.

The Pope also explained that “Jesus, while affirming the primacy of faith in God, describes his disciples as brothers, sisters and mothers to him.”  In the Christian life, he said,  these family ties are transformed and enlarged; as spiritual fathers and mothers, as brothers and sisters to one another, and particularly to those in need, we bring the Father’s love to our world.

Within families, the Holy Father went on to say, faith becomes a powerful force for unity and love, and inspires a convincing witness to the Gospel. 

Pope Francis prayed that like the wine of the wedding feast at Cana, may our families bring happiness, joy and the warmth of God’s love to our world.




(from Vatican Radio)

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