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Pope in English: Weekly General Audience

Pope in English: Weekly General Audience

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Wednesday greeted pilgrims and tourists during his weekly General Audience tellling them to rejoice in God’s gift of love.

Find Pope’s Francis’ English language remarks read out at the General Audience below

Dear Brothers and Sisters:  As children we were always taught that it is not good to boast.  For when we boast about who we are or what we have, we disrespect those who are less fortunate.  Yet, Saint Paul surprises us by twice telling us to boast.  First, he tells us to boast of the abundant grace we receive in Jesus Christ through the gift of faith.  God has created all things as a gift of love, through which he makes known his plan of salvation fulfilled in Jesus.  He invites us to make this grace the cause of all our praise and joy.  When we do this, we know God’s peace, which flows into our lives and relationships.  But Saint Paul also tells us to boast of our afflictions.  For God’s peace is not the absence of fears, disappointments, or suffering.  Rather, it reminds us that God loves us and is always with us.  This peace, Saint Paul says, bears patience, for even in the most difficult moments, we know that the mercy and goodness of the Lord remain with us, that nothing can separate us from God.  Christian hope then is not based on who we are or what we are capable of, but on God’s love for each one of us.  May we be instruments of hope, so that our greatest boast will be of a Father who excludes no one, but opens his home to all.  And may we be a people who sustain one another with this message of Christian hope.  

(from Vatican Radio)

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