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Of One Heart and Mind

OF ONE HEART AND MIND Reading about the faith of the early Christian believers can be a real inspiration to those of us who have been Christians for a long time, as well as for those who are newly baptized. Can you imagine people of this world being “of one heart and mind” as was…
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Seeking -Easter Sunday

SEEKING Easter Sunday is a day all about seeking. The early Christian communities gathered around the Apostles, seeking more about the life and ministry of the Lord Jesus. Saint Paul told the baptized Colossians to “seek what is above.” Mary of Magdala went to the tomb, seeking to find the Lord’s body so that she…
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Prophetic Anointing

PROPHETIC ANOINTING The solemnity of today’s readings invites us into silent contemplation of the mystery of our redemption. There are so many levels on which to understand the events of the Passion. The woman who anoints Jesus acts prophetically in a way that the other disciples do not yet grasp. Anointing is for priests, prophets,…
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The New Covenant

THE NEW COVENANT When the prophet Jeremiah coined the term “new covenant” he was actually doing something quite radical. For the Jewish people, there was only one covenant, the one made between the Lord God and Israel through Moses at Mount Sinai. For Jeremiah to suggest that God would somehow supersede the covenant with a…
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Raised up by the Messiah

RAISED UP BY THE MESSIAH Last week, when Jesus referred to the destruction of the temple, the account from today’s first reading is what would have come to the minds of his listeners. But, as Jesus was speaking on a deeper level, so does today’s first reading. In the first paragraph we hear that Israel…
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