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The Trinity is Love

The Trinity is Love


Theologians throughout the Christian centuries have spilled much ink (and, on occasion, some blood) in describing and defining the mystery of the Holy Trinity. One of the earliest, most poetic, and beautiful descriptions comes from St. Augustine in De Trinitas, wherein he describes the Trinity as One (the Father) who loves, One (the Son) who is loved, and One (the Spirit) who is love. And these three Ones are also one Three.

It might be wisest for us to leave the technical wranglings to the academic theologians, and focus on the fact that the three Persons of the Trinity are indeed persons; they are best known and understood in their love for each other and for us. We are made in the image of those loving persons, and our best relationships are lived out in the context of love. Truly loving relationships are inexhaustible mysteries to be lived in joy. If this is true of our human relationships, how much more so is it true of our relationship with the Trinity. And how much more does it call upon us to be joyful, loving witnesses of the holy mystery of the One?in?Three. This is the mystery to which we were called when we were chosen to be God’s own, baptized with water in the name of the Holy Trinity.

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