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Why should I register with a Church Parish?  There are several reasons one should register with the parish and further their active membership. First, it’s important for the parish to maintain proper sacramental records as well as a working census. These two major tools allow us to send out information as well as receive feedback from our members. Additionally, as a registered member of St. Joseph, you will be recognized for your contributions, have the ability to request prayers, announcements, and the use of parish facilities.

Can only a priest give spiritual direction?  No, although most people prefer a priest to give them spiritual direction, it is not necessary for the priest to be the spiritual director. The parish has volunteer laity that are capable of guidance, prayer, and spiritual support. Furthermore, the laity usually have more flexible schedules and can set aside additional time to meet, if necessary. Contact the parish office to find out more about spiritual direction and other individual opportunities for spiritual growth.

How much does it cost to get married at St. Joseph?  Depends upon the status of membership. Registered couples are asked to afford a $100.00 fee. Non-registered couples are asked to pay a $500.00 fee.

Can a priest from another parish preside over a wedding at St. Joseph?  Yes, visiting priest regularly preside over weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc., the visiting priest should contact the parish office to coordinate the time and date of such events and ensure all necessary paperwork completed.

How sick do I have to be to receive the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick?  While many traditional Catholics have known this Sacrament as Last Rites and believe it to be used only at the time right before death occurs, Anointing of the Sick can be used prior to a significant surgery, during a chronic disease or ongoing treatment, or at any other time of serious physical illness.

Where do I go if I am in need of monetary assistance, food or temporary housing?  The community has established a  Christian Service Center that provides assistance, clothing, and food. The Christian Service Center accepts anyone willing to ask. Anyone in need should be instructed to go the Center. The Center also works with Homeless Shelters, Host Families, and other civic organizations to provide the necessities.

How do I go about starting a new Ministry?  Any ministry first must begin with the approval from the priest. In order to start a new ministry, one must have a clear idea, a plan and subject matter, a contact person or leader, meeting times and places, resources, target audiences, safe environment training, expected attendance rate, and any additional information specific to the ministry. Once this is approved by the priest, the ministry leadership must make all arrangements for use of buildings through the parish office.

Do you have to be a member of St. Joseph to be buried in the parish cemetery?  No. However, it is common courtesy to have the funeral director contact the parish office to discuss unusual circumstances or cases in which additional information should be rightly disclosed.

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