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We’re excited to announce that we are participating in #iGiveCatholic on #GivingTuesday, our nation’s first-ever Catholic day of giving! This year it will be Nov 29 from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM.

If that date doesn’t work, there is an Advanced Giving Day phase for donations beginning Monday, November 14, and running through November 28.

Rebuilding Rayne Youth

This year all funds raised will be benefitting Rayne Youth, St. Joseph Parish’s youth ministry & high school faith formation team. 

Your generous support makes a meaningful difference to Rebuilding Rayne Youth. After Covid, St. Joseph Parish made the very difficult decision to shut down the St. Joseph Youth Hall which hosted Edge, middle school formation/ministry, as well as Joe’s Cafe, an event hosted weekly for the youth of St. Joseph Parish, retreats, and more. In its absence, the need for a separate space for the youth of our parish has been significant, to say the least.  

The focus of our $30,000 goal this year is to rebuild a space to gather the youth for mentorship, recreation, & small groups. 

I have lots of very fond memories of many Friday nights spent at Joe’s cafe from 6-8th grade. I played many games of foosball and air hockey, drank many smoothies, ate many chili cheese Frito pies, and deepened many friendships while at Joe’s Cafe. We thought we were the coolest kids in town to go home on Friday afternoon and get all dressed up to go to our very own Friday night hang out spot. We’d go with all our friends and stay until the last possible moment (when they shut it down at 10). Joe’s was an influential part of my social experience during my middle school years, and it makes me sad to think that kids today don’t have the chance to physically interact and socialize outside of sending Snapchats or making TikTok’s together. At the heart of it all, Joe’s cafe was sponsored by the church, and every parent could send their kid there with a few dollars each Friday knowing that they would have a safe, fun, and supervised time. 

Emma Landaiche, YTeam, Outreach Team, Pastoral Council

Days Gone By…

Remembering the glory days of Joe’s Cafe 2008-2012. Do you recognize any of these cool Joe-goers?

Joe’s was fun! Especially the Joe’s nights. Joe’s nights are when you get to spend 3 hours with air hockey, pool, foosball, two Wiis, and ping pong. I miss playing those games. 

Ethan S.

The main three things I miss are playing board games, video games, and pool with my friends and getting to have fun time.

Evan G.

I just want to play billiards at Joe’s!

Michaela R.

I miss only two things: I miss the pool tables. I also miss the Mario Kart.

Tremie P.

I always heard of Joe’s Cafe but I never got to go (Covid).

Our kids entering middle and high school during the 2020 lock down missed out on a lot. They were really looking forward to being able to see each other at Joe’s and were disappointed when they found out they wouldn’t get to experience it. A new space where they could make memories with their friends would mean so much for them. 

Rayne Youth Parent

A State of Disrepair

Unfortunately, the St. Joseph Youth Hall as in its current state is beyond repair. This building has stood the test of time but has taken a turn for the worst in the last ten years. Record floods, countless hurricanes, and a lack of proper drainage below the building created a recipe for the rapid decline. The St. Joseph Youth Hall closed its doors permanently after being unoccupied and dormant during 2020’s pandemic, leaving the Edge (middle school) kids without a meeting space. Shutting down the Youth Hall also meant Joe’s Cafe would cease to exist.

I’ve heard many heartfelt stories of Joe’s Cafe and cherished memories made there from the youth since I have taken this role as Director. Once I learned of the crushing news that the condition of the Youth Hall was in disrepair and unable to salvage, I knew something had to be done. However, I did not expect for us to be given the incredible opportunity to be able to dedicate the funds raised by our annual #iGiveCatholic fundraiser to this very mission. I am incredibly humbled by the generosity and unity of our beloved parish that has been so welcoming to the new things happening in our ministry. I am enthusiastic about the idea for own my children and the youth of our parish to have somewhere special where they too can make memories and share in that experience. Also having a space for our leaders to help mentor strong Catholic Youth in St. Joseph Parish would be AMAZING! 

Megan Richard, Director of High School Faith Formation

Join the Effort!

On November 29 (#iGiveCatholic Giving Day), your gift toward our $30,000 goal toward rebuilding a youth space will ensure that the youth of our parish have a space where they can feel comfortable in community with their peers. This space will provide an opportunity for mentorship centered around safe entertainment. So join us in the effort to create a way to cultivate strong Catholic Youth in St. Joseph Parish. 

The youth are the future of the Church!  

Pictured: Rayne Youth and Clergy Fr. Brent Smith (Pastor), Fr. Henry Antony (Parochial Vicar), Seminarian John Dugas, Seminarian Evan Hebert, Mr. Paul Molbert, & YTeam for Party with Padre’ Kick-Off Event.

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