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Echoing Mary’s Decision

Echoing Mary’s Decision


The angel Gabriel today confronts Mary with a mystery. The mystery of salvation in Christ is not a mystery that is solved, but a reality beyond our comprehension that we must choose to enter into. In the liturgy of the Eastern Church, everyone waits to see if Mary will enter into the mystery: God waits, Adam and Eve and all the souls of the dead who long for paradise wait, angels wait for new heavenly companions. And there is much rejoicing when her decision is “yes.”

We have less dramatic choices offered to us, but the mystery of our salvation in Christ is by no means “solved.” We may understand it a bit better due to Mary’s “yes.” We may be a bit closer to it through the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But it still remains a mystery to which we all must give our own “yes.” Soon we will be singing “O come, let us adore him.” May our Advent prayer, our echo of Mary’s “yes,” continue then, so we may enter into the mystery of our salvation in Jesus Christ, God among us.

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  1. Lloyd Purvis says:

    I came to page looking for Mary’s decision…..Norton blocked an attack or intrusion by your site….perhaps infected site??? God bless from a Protestant :)

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