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Pope sends Christmas greetings to Korea

Pope sends Christmas greetings to Korea

(Vatican Radio) One of the most memorable moments of the past year was Pope Francis’ historic visit to Korea. On Wednesday, the Holy Father recalled his journey in a video-message addressed to all Koreans for Christmas:

Below, please find the translation of the Pope’s Christmas message to Korea: 

Dear Korean brothers and sisters,

With great pleasure I send you best wishes for the Holy Nativity, recalling with joy and gratitude the Voyage I took to your country this past August. The great celebration in honour of the Martyrs, the meeting with young people, and also the other moments of the visit remain vividly in my memory.

I pray the Lord that the light, shining on the world from the Baby of Bethlehem, might be always in your hearts, in your families and communities.

At Christmas, once more, Jesus draws us to Himself with His divine goodness. And Jesus is good, very good… It is His presence only that can give true happiness to mankind; without Him there is none, because He is capable of making life ever new and beautiful.

My dear friends, I ask you to pray for me, and from my heart I wish you a peaceful and holy Christmas!

(from Vatican Radio)