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SIGNIS Services Rome Presents the Reporter Kit

SIGNIS Services Rome Presents the Reporter Kit

SIGNIS Services Rome (SSR) has introduced a new Reporter Kit which offers multi-media solutions for journalists in the field. The kit is ideal for Catholic radio and television in Africa. With this kit, freelance and media journalists will find user-friendly tools that enable them produce content, ready to go online or for broadcast at their convenience. It is as it were a mini mobile studio.

The SIGNIS Reporter Kit facilitates the broadcast and publication of news on radio, TV, websites or social networks.

The Reporter Kit contains all that the journalist needs to report and edit news or content on the go. A package or a whole programme can be assembled while out in the field. The kit has digital audio recorders, an HD video camera, a netbook (laptop) for editing video and audio, professional headphones, USB keys and hard disk for data storage. The kit even has accessories to enable the recording of sound in a difficult acoustic environment.

The SIGNIS Reporters Kit comes in three models: First is the entry kit for audio productions, then there is the medium range kit for multi-media productions as well as the top of the range kit for professional audio and video.

SIGNIS is the World Catholic Association for Communications.  It headquarters is in Brussels, Belgium but it also has a branch in Rome, Italy that offers specialised services such as the provision of equipment and training. SIGNIS has members from over 140 countries. The aim of SIGNIS is to bring together Catholic radio, television, cinema, video, media education, Internet, and new technology professionals. Its very diversified programmes cover fields such as the promotion of films or television programmes (juries at important festivals: Cannes, Berlin, Monte Carlo, Venice, Ouagadougou and Zanizibar…), the creation of radio, video, and television studios, production and distribution of programmes, supplying specialised equipment and training professionals.

The Mission of SIGNIS is to engage with media professionals and support Catholic Communicators o help transform cultures in the light of the Gospel by promoting human dignity, Justice and Reconciliation.

(SIGNIS ROME, www.signisrome.net)

e-mail: engafrica@vatiradio.va

(from Vatican Radio)

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