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Day: July 26, 2015

Pope Francis: Multiply good works like the loaves and fishes

(Vatican Radio) Before the recitation of the Marian Prayer before the faithful in St Peter’s Square, Pope Francis recalled Sunday’s Gospel about the multiplication of the loaves and the fishes. The Pope explained that “Jesus satisfies not only material hunger, but the most profound of hungers, the hunger for meaning in life, the hunger for God.”
He went on to say that  “in the face of suffering, loneliness, poverty and difficulties of so many people, what can we do?”
Complaining, the Holy Father stressed,  “does not solve anything, but we can offer what little we have. We certainly have a few hours of time, some talent, some expertise” … “Who among us”, the Pope underlined, “does not have his or her “five loaves and two fish”? If we are willing to put them in the hands of the Lord, we will bring a little more love into the world a bit ‘more love, peace, justice and joy. God is able to multiply our small gestures of solidarity and make us partakers of his gift. ”
(from Vatican Radio)…

Pope appeals for captives in Syria and opens WYD registration

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Sunday remembered the people of Syria caught up in the continuing conflict in the country. In particular, the Holy Father made an urgent and heartfelt appeal for the release of Italian Jesuit priest Father Paolo Dall’Oglio who was kidnapped in Syria almost two years ago.
He also remembered both the Greek and Syriac Orthodox archbishops of Aleppo, Boulos Yazigi and Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim, who were kidnapped in Syria near the Turkish border in 2013. The Holy Father expressed the hope that with the commitment of international and local authorities these religious would be restored to freedom.
Pope Francis made the appeal following the Angelus prayer in his studio above St Peter’s Square where, with the clic of a button, he became the first person to register for World Youth Day to be held next year in in Krakow, Poland.
He opened registration for the event with two young people by his side, telling the faithful gathered in the square below that the day would be celebrated in the Year of Mercy, adding it would be, “in a sense, a jubilee of youth, called to reflect on the theme “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy”.
He then invited youth of the world to live this pilgrimage to Krakow, participating, he said, “in this moment of grace in their communities.”
Pope Francis also recalled the feast of Saint’s Joachim e Anne, the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary and grandparents of Jesus, marked on July 26th. With that in mind the Pope had a special greeting for all grandparents thanking them for their precious presence in the family and for the new generation.
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Pope Francis celebrates Spanish grandparents

(Vatican Radio)  “Confirm the faith with the closeness to the Lord that never abandons us” and in the belief of being able to contribute to their wisdom and loving gestures towards life and the human growth of their families.
That was the message addressed to all elderly Spaniards and to the organizers and participants of the XVI edition of the Grandparents Day which is being celebrated Sunday, July 26, throughout Spain.
In the message, sent from the Nunciature in Madrid, the Holy Father also reaffirms his support “to those who care for the elderly with love, contributing to the common good of society.”
The Day is promoted every year on the Feast of Saints Joachim and Anna – the grandparents of Jesus – by the Spanish Catholic “Edad Dorada-Mensajeros de la Paz” which is committed to supporting and promoting the elderly. The goal is to raise awareness in society about the respect due to older people who have given so much in their lives, to appreciate the great value of grandparents in every family and to draw attention to the needs of the elderly population. They are also the concepts outlined in the messages for the occasion by the archbishop of Madrid, Carlos Osoros, and Spanish military ordinary Bishop Juan del Río Martín.

Madrid is the main host of the event this year and a Mass will be celebrated in the Church of St. Anthony in the capital by Luis Gutiérrez Martín, bishop emeritus of Segovia. After Mass there will be the reading of the Holy Father’s message with his apostolic blessing.
(from Vatican Radio)…