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Mexico: Pope Francis’ prayers for maternity hospital

Mexico: Pope Francis’ prayers for maternity hospital

(Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis expressed his profound sadness for the victims of an explosion at a maternity hospital in Mexico City which killed two newborn babies and a nurse.  More than 70 other people were injured, most of them newborn infants.  The Pope’s condolences were sent on his behalf by the Secretary of State Pietro Parolin in a telegram to Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, Archbishop of Mexico City.  Earlier, the Pope sent a tweet on his Spanish twitter account urging prayers for the victims and their families and for the Lord to grant them strength and peace.  

An investigation is underway into the cause of Thursday’s explosion, which killed at least three people and injured scores of others, many of whom are infants.

James Blears reports a leak in a pipe of a truck supplying gas to the hospital’s kitchen,  transformed the vehicle into a gigantic bomb, with a resulting explosion, felt for many miles around.

Listen to the report by James Blears:

The nursery, administration area and emergency ward of Cujimalpa hospital were flattened by a blast of enormous proportions.  Investigating experts say a supply pipe of a truck pumping gallon after gallon of gas into the hospital kitchen, either leaked or fractured,  causing the explosion. More than 40 of the 70 hurt are babies or young children. Twenty-two remain in serious condition. The heart-rending cases range from  blast wounds,  burns ….. and horrific wounds from glass shards fanning out in cutting showers, from shattered window panes.  Windows for miles around were blown to kingdom come from the shock waves.  

Mexico City’s Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera who’s visited the scene of twisted metal, collapsed concrete and devastation, is blaming the gas company, which he says has been supplying hospitals throughout Mexico City since 2007.

In one form or other, gas explosions are not uncommon in Mexico.  In February 2013, 37 people died after a build-up of gas in the basement of the Mexico City Headquarters of State Petroleum Company PEMEX.


(from Vatican Radio)

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