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Nuncio to Bosnia-Herzegovina welcomes news of Pope’s visit

Nuncio to Bosnia-Herzegovina welcomes news of Pope’s visit

(Vatican Radio) Archbishop Luigi Pezzuto, Apostolic Nuncio to Bosnia-Herzegovina, has welcomed the news of Pope Francis’s upcoming visit to Sarajevo.

Speaking to Vatican Radio immediately after the Pope’s announcement to visit the nation on June 6, he describes the Papal visit as not only useful, but necessary.


“We are very happy about this news of the Papal visit to Sarajevo and everyone is awaiting” he says.

Archbishop Pezzuto explains that the nation, and the city of Sarajevo, “the Jerusalem of Europe, is a place where a lot of cultures, religions and also Christian confessions gather together”.

And he points out that especially considering the fact of the recent war from which the country is still emerging “the message of the Pope in view of peace and re-building a society” is fundamental.

“In this context – he says – I am sure that the visit of the Pope, of Pope Francis, will be not only be useful, but necessary for the local Catholic Church and for all the religions that are here”.  

(from Vatican Radio)

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