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Day: August 22, 2015

Pope Francis sends support to missionaries at Italian beach

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis has sent a message to the missionaries of the “Nuovi Orizzonti” (New Horizons) community, who were spreading the Gospel at Riccione beach, which is a popular vacation spot near Rimini, Italy.   
The Pope was responding to a letter sent by the members of the community, which explained they chose Riccione for their mission because it had recently become “infamous” for being a place where “young people lose their lives due to a deviant culture of drugs, sex, and ‘unrestrained’ entertainments.”
In their letter, the young missionaries – all between the ages of 18 and 35 – said there is a “great thirst for God” in the hearts of young people.
In a Message sent through Msgr. Guillermo Karcher, the Papal Master of Ceremonies, Pope Francis conveyed his gratitude for their “beautiful letter”, and for the fact that “in these days of August, you have generously dedicated your time to the mission of evangelization at the beaches, streets, and informal meeting places of Riccione.”
Pope Francis sent his blessing and prayers, while at the same time asking the missionaries “to not forget to pray for him.”
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Pope Francis surprises pilgrims in St. Peter’s Basilica

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis surprised the faithful in St. Peter’s Basilica on Friday when he attended the 7:00 morning Mass at the Altar of St. Pius X in the church. It was the feast day of the saint.
The Mass was celebrated by Msgr. Lucio Bonora, an official of the Vatican’s Secretary of State, who was unaware the Pope planned on being there.
When he was informed Pope Francis was praying at the altar, he asked if he should go back to the sacristy, but was told to say Mass as usual.
“When [Pope Francis] saw me, he told me he came to pray because he had already said Mass earlier in the Casa Santa Marta, and he wanted to pay his respects to St. Pius X,” Msgr. Bonora told Vatican Radio.
“When he say I had come to celebrate Mass, he wanted to remain, to stay there with the faithful, attend Mass and pray,” he said.
Msgr. Bonora said Pope Francis greeted the faithful during the sign of peace.
“It was very moving for me, and for the faithful, to see the Pope as a humble member of the faithful, going to pray at the tomb of St. Pius X,” the priest said.
Msgr. Bonora said Pope Francis told him he has a strong devotion to Pius X, and prayed especially for catechists, since in Buenos Aires the feast serves as the Day of Catechists.
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Details of Jubilee reservation system announced

(Vatican Radio) The Holy See has published information on free pilgrim reservation system to help coordinate pilgrims who want to pass through Holy Door of St Peter’s Basilica during the upcoming Jubilee of Mercy.
The Organizing Secretary of the Jubilee announced that a short pilgrimage path reserved for pilgrims is planned for the Jubilee. The path will begin at Castel Sant’Angelo and proceed along the Via Conciliazione before arriving at the Holy Door that leads into the Basilica. The reservation system will make it easier for pilgrims to avoid long waits and is expected to make reflect on the spiritual aspects of the pilgrimage.
It will be possible to make reservations on the official site of the Jubilee, ww.im.va, beginning in October. Pilgrims, including individuals and families, as well as larger and smaller groups, are encouraged to register for the pilgrimage through Holy Door at St Peter’s.
The pilgrimage through the Holy Doors in the other Papal Basilicas of Rome (Saint John Lateran, Saint Mary Major, and Saint Paul’s Outside the Walls) will not have a reservation system.
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Papal Envoys to Eucharistic Congresses in Bolivia, Czech Rep

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis has named two Cardinals as his Special Envoys to important events in the lives of local Churches.
Cardinal Daniel Fernando Sturla Berhouet, SDB, Archbishop of Montevideo (Uruguay) will represent Pope Francis at the V National Eucharistic Congress of Bolivia, which will be celebrated in Tarija from 16 to 20 September.
The Holy Father will be represented at the conclusion of the I National Eucharistic Congress of the Czech Republic by Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes, President emeritus of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum. The celebration will take place in Brno on 17 October.
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