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Day: August 29, 2015

Cardinal Parolin visits Gemelli hospital

(Vatican Radio) The Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, said the current migrant crisis is a “global problem”, and called on the international community to join forces.
Cardinal Parolin was speaking on the side lines of a surprise visit to Rome’s Gemelli Hospital, made famous for being the hospital which treated Pope St. John Paul II.
Cardinal Parolin acknowledged that “some people have invoked the United Nations,” adding that he thinks it is “a global problem that needs a response from different levels,” but that it should “involve everyone.”
He called on people to “overcome polemics” and “make an examination of conscience on these issues,” including the Church.
“Polemics does nothing to solve problems, but rather exacerbates the hardships, and exacerbates tempers,” Cardinal Parolin said.
Meanwhile, during his homily at the Mass he celebrated at the hospital, Cardinal Parolin said “nothing can be as disastrous for the faith and for culture and medical care, as losing sight of the whole person.”
Cardinal Parolin said recent events show that approaches to health care which ignore the Christian “anthropological vision” eventually prove to be “inadequate.”
Alluding to the Parable of the Sower, he said that if “good intentions” are not rooted in the Gospel, they are almost always “drowned out by the needs of the hegemonic culture” or by interests and compromises which “have nothing to do with the needs of the Kingdom of God on earth.”
(from Vatican Radio)…