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Pope urges faithful not to divert their eyes from hunger

Pope urges faithful not to divert their eyes from hunger

(Vatican Radio) In December 2013, the Catholic humanitarian aid network Caritas launched the One Human Family, Food for All campaign.

The aims of the 18 month long initiative include, encouraging regular people to learn more about hunger and ways to solve it, calling on governments around the world to guarantee a right to food for all and ending systemic hunger by 2025.

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Pope Francis has been a stanch supporter of the campaign since it began, and in a video message on Monday he encouraged the faithful to continue with their participation saying, “I was hungry and you gave me food.” The words of our Lord today call out, telling us not to divert our eyes, ┬ánot to look with indifference, when we see our neighbor who is suffering from hunger. I encourage all the faithful to participate in the Caritas campaign “Food for All” and to raise their voices in defense of the hungry, in particular during the Week of Action which will take place during the month of October.

Caritas has a presence in 200 countries helping the estimated 800 million people who suffer from hunger worldwide.

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(from Vatican Radio)