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Day: October 8, 2014

Church in Lanka launches 100 days of special preparation for the Pope’s visit

Sri Lanka is gearing up for the great occasion of the Papal visit to their nation. The Catholic Bishops Conference is launching a number of programmes. A special programme centred on the preparation of the Catholics in Sri Lanka with 100 days ahead of the event in the island nation was organized In Colombo. That…
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Africa, Islam and the light of the Gospel on Synod agenda

(Vatican Radio) How the Church upholds the dignity of homosexuals in Africa. How it deals with the problems of a polygamous family. And why it’s essential for bishops to have good relations with leaders of other religious traditions. Those were some of the many different issues discussed by bishops at the Synod for the Family,…
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Cardinal Scherer: Synod a process of discernment

(Vatican Radio) By now, the narrative is familiar: one of lines drawn in the Synod Hall, with ranks of so-called liberals and conservatives formed on either side and braced for action. It is, admittedly, a captivating story. Is it true?  The Archbishop of São Paulo, Brazil, Cardinal Odilo Pedro Scherer offered a more measured view…
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Pope: divisions between Christians are wounds in the Church

Pope Francis appealed for Christian unity on Wednesday pointing out that divisions between Christians of different denominations are hurtful for the Church and for Christ. Speaking to the crowds gathered  in St. Peter’s Square for the weekly General Audience, the Pope said that we must not forget that there are many who belong to different…
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Synod: Family breakdown not a crisis in truth, but methodology

(Vatican Radio) The breakdown in marriage and family life, particularly in Western culture is not the result of “a crisis of truth, but rather as a crisis of methodology” and the “pastoral programs that attempt to address the negative issues impacting marriage and family life” fail to  meet “the magnitude of the cultural challenges facing…
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