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Pope at Santa Marta: Find the Living Jesus in the Gospel

Pope at Santa Marta: Find the Living Jesus in the Gospel

(Vatican Radio) We need to proclaim the Gospel with humility not with ‘wise words’ because Jesus Himself is the power of the Word of God, and only those who have an open heart can receive Him said Pope Francis Monday morning, as he resumed his daily mass at Santa Marta after the summer break.

Emer McCarthy reports, listen: 

Commenting on the readings of the day, the Pope explained what the Word of God is and how we should receive it. St. Paul reminds the Corinthians that does not proclaim the Gospel based on persuasive words of wisdom.

Paul says, ‘I did not come here to convince you with arguments, with words, or making a good impression… No. I chose another way, a different style. I came to show you the Spirit and His power. So that your faith might not rest on human wisdom but on the power of God ‘. So, the Word of God is something different, it is not the same as a human word, a word of wisdom, a scientific word, a philosophical word … no: it is something else. It comes in a different way”.

This is what happens with Jesus, when he comments on the Scriptures in the synagogue in Nazareth, where he grew up. His fellow citizens, initially, admire him for his words but then become angry and try to kill him: “They went from one side to the other – said the Pope – “because the Word of God is different to the word human”. In fact, God speaks to us in the Son, “that is, the Word of God is Jesus, Jesus Himself” and Jesus “is a source of scandal. The Cross of Christ, scandalizes. And that’s the power of the Word of God: Jesus Christ, the Lord. And how do we receive the Word of God? How do I receive Jesus Christ. The Church tells us that Jesus is present in the Scriptures, in His Word”.  This is why – the Pope said – it is so important to “read a passage from the Gospel during the day “.

Why, to learn? No! To find Jesus, because Jesus is right there in His Word, in His Gospel. Every time I read the Gospel, I find Jesus. Yet how do I receive this Word? Well, you should receive it like you receive Jesus, that is to say with an open heart, with a humble heart, with the spirit of the Beatitudes. Because that is how Jesus came, in humility. He came [to us] in poverty. He came with the anointing of the Holy Spirit”.

“He is power- said the Pope – He is the Word of God because He is anointed by the Holy Spirit. We, too, if we want to hear and receive the Word of God, we must pray and ask the Holy Spirit for this anointing of the heart, which is the anointing of the Beatitudes. A heart like the heart of the Beatitudes”.

“It would do us good today, during the day, to ask ourselves: ‘How do I receive the Word of God? As something that interests me? Ah, the priest preached this today … it was so interesting! What a wise, this priest!’. Or so I receive it simply because it is the living Jesus, His Word? And am I capable – pay attention to this question! – am I capable of buying a small Gospel – cheap, eh? – Buying a small Gospel and carrying it in my pocket, in my bag and picking it up when I can, during the day, to read a passage, to find Jesus there? These two questions will do us good. May the Lord will help us”.

(From archive of Vatican Radio)