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Cardinal Parolin: Human ecology a prerequisite for environmental ecology

Cardinal Parolin: Human ecology a prerequisite for environmental ecology

(Vatican Radio) Cardinal Pietro Parolin on Wednesday reminded members of Italy’s largest agricultural association to keep the human person at the heart of every activity. He said the nation’s farmers “have a significant mission, encouraging the search for new styles of life which are more fraternal and more supportive for all mankind, and also creation.”

The Cardinal Secretary of State was speaking at the XXXVIII National Congress of the Ecclesiastical Advisors to “Coldiretti”, which represents over 1 ½ million farmers in Italy. He said remembering the centrality of the human person in all activity, will help to “re-establish more human relationships,” which recognize the “brotherhood” of mankind.

The Cardinal said this will also improve the condition of nature, “because human ecology is a prerequisite for a proper environmental ecology.”

During the meeting, Cardinal Parolin was also asked about the international situation.

“The situation of Christians in Iraq is cause of grave concern to the Pope and the Holy See,” he said.

Cardinal Parolin called on the commitment of everyone to solve the humanitarian crisis in the country, and said it was an “obligation” to help the Christian community during this “serious difficulty,” and to “enable them to return safely to their villages and their homes.”

With regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Cardinal urged “political solutions, not military violence,” and insisted all parties must do their part with the help of the international community.

He also noted that the Vatican is working diplomatically in the Ukraine crisis.

(From archive of Vatican Radio)